Quick Wonder Glasses Hangzhou Co., Ltd.About UsRoom 301, Building 7, Xixi Century Center, No.136 Shuanglong Street, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.ZHEJIANG QUICK WONDER HOLDING., LTD. specializes in the design and manufacture optical frames and sunglasses. Our head office is located in Hangzhou, with branches in Wenzhou and Jiangxi. Quick Wonder functions with a steadfast team of 600 individuals, Including research and development team, manufacturing, marketing and factory chain production. We work at seeking new methods to improve our production by creating new ways to integrate trade, technical innovation and brand distribution. We design new collection every year and service our brand customers all over the world. In our tea

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Model NO. EC1803J
Model NO. EA1804J
Model NO. FM19122
Model NO. WS2020
Model NO. FI1936
Model NO. FI1808-1
Model NO. FM1914
Model NO. FM1915
Model NO. FI1926
Model NO. FI1811-2
Model NO. FM1913
Model NO. FM1911
Model NO. FM1863
Model NO. FI1922
Model NO. FC1809

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